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Peep Toe

Originals of the 50's and a symbol of “pin-up” style, the Peep Toe is a very feminine shoe with an unmistakable style, which will allow you to create very special looks with a great personality, with which you will not go unnoticed.

The Peep Toes are a closed shoe with an open toe, with a hole that leaves the toes uncovered, which will add a different touch to your “outfits”. They are a trend in women's fashion, and nowadays they have evolved and adapted to the new times, incorporating platforms and heels, which makes them a very feminine and sensual shoe that will stylise your figure.

And, of course, at Gadea has no shortage of Peep Toe shoes, and in fact, they are the main protagonists of our collection of women's shoes. Are you going to miss them?

Women's Peep Toe Shoes online


We have put together an exclusive catalogue of women's Peep Toe shoes online, in which you will find a wide variety of models available, with different designs and colours that will not only fit in with what you are looking for, but will win you over.

If you want to renew your shoe rack and you're looking for women's Peep Toes, you've come to the right place. Come in and fall in love with the most exclusive Peep Toes.

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